General principles of the Arena Centar Gift Card usage

ARENA CENTAR GIFT CARD (hencefort: the Card) enables you to shop in stores in Arena Centar, Zagreb, at Vice Vukova 6, that accept the Card in their business operation. Information on the stores accepting the Card you may request on Arena Centar info-desk or look for at website [www.arenacentar.hr/poklonkartica]. List of stores accepting the Card is subject to changes without prior notification.

We kindly ask that you keep this General Principles until Card expiry, as well as accompanied Card issuance and activation confirmation.

The Card may be transferred to third person without limitation. The Card is not issued to particular person, hence it may be used by it’s holder. Due to Card transfer to third person, we kindly ask you to provide the third person with these General Principles and issuance and activation confirmation. The Card issuer is not obliged to inspect the identity of the Card holder and is not liable for any Card misuse.

By activation or usage of the Card it is deemed that Card holder is informed on these General Principles, fully understands and accepts described terms of Card usage.

Card holder is responsible for usage and safe keeping of the Card. Card issuer shall not be liable nor shall exchange the Card in case of theft, loss or damaging of the Card.

The Card issuer does not assume liability for the delivery of the purchased goods or services by using the Card or material and legal flaws of the purchased goods and services, nor the validity of information that Card holder obtains from third persons. Cash amount expressed in kuna currency and stored on the Card is equal to received cash value at the Card activation and is stated on the Card.

Cash amount (limit) of the Card is unchangeable hence subsequent storing of funds on the Card is not allowed. The Card cannot be exchanged for cash nor is it possible to obtain the difference up to the remaining Card limit in cash.

The Card may be used up to a limit amount and within six months as of Card activation date. The card is activated at the time of purchase on Arena Centar Info desk.By each usage of the Card available limit shall be reduced for the transaction amount due to Card usage. Remaining limit balance shall be noted on the receipt after each Card usage. Card limit balance you may also varify at Arena Centar info-desk.

In case the Card limit is lower than the amount of the entire purchase, it is necessary to pay the difference up to the total amount of the purchased goods or services. In case the Card limit is higher than the amount of the entire purchase, the amount that you wish to spend is deducted from the Card, while the difference you may spend until the Card expiry date. It is not possible to make an instalment purchase with the Card.

After expiry of the last day of Card validity, the Card shall be cancelled and cannot be renewed, cannot be used for purchase regardless of available limit balance nor may cash refund be requested for the remaining limit amount on the Card. Card holder is obliged to take account on the Card expiry date.

For your complaints or claims regarding Card usage, we kindly ask you to contact Arena Centar info-desk. The issuer and owner of the Card is company Granit Polus Lanište LLC, Vice Vukova 6, Zagreb, PIN 83997642580.